• 201409Development of a powder disk, registration of design application
    • 200909Development of NANO Grinder for the First Dry Red Ginseng in Korea
    • 08Development of the world's first PBO differentializer and application for an invention patent
    • 07Development of the first WOOD POWER differential machine in Korea
    • 07Export to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia
    • 05Development of MICRO MILL for the first time in Korea
    • 04Korea's First NANO Grinder to Develop
    • 02Development of Ultra-fine Grinding System for the First Time in Korea
    • 01Development of the First Refrigerated Unshrinked SYSTEM-CRYOGENIC MILL in Korea
    • 200804Development of the world's first AIR CLASSIFIER MILL ROTOR
    • 200708Acquisition of a patent for the manufacturing method of dried non-paper powder
    • 200211Development of WET SUPER MILL for the first wet micro grinder in Korea
    • 199912Selected as a localization developer by the Korea Machinery Industry Promotion Association
    • 199809Development of the first AIR CLASSIFIER MILL in Korea
    • 199410Development of AIR JET MILL SYSTEM for the first time in Korea
    • 199308Development of the first ROTOR MILL in Korea
    • 199006Development of the first MICRO JET MILL in Korea
    • 198510Development of the first TURBO MILL in Korea
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