Jaw crusher
    Designed to shred amount more quickly
    Respective uses
    To Shred the Plastic Drum.
    This is proper to shred the car-tire.
    To re-cycling the industrial Junks.
    Wooden pieces can be shreded.
    The jaw crusher is designed to crush more amounts faster. The frame is designed to endure certain levels of impact and stress and to facilitate the replacement of additional consumables. The liner is cast with special steel and provides strong abrasion resistance. Made symmetrically, the machine can be used twice by turning if one side of it gets worn out. Since it has a simple structure and a high crushing ratio, it can crush material very fine and achieve consistent particle size. Using a roller bearing, it can reduce power and maintenance costs. * Manual Type: The type designed to manually adjust gaps * hydraulic Type: The type designed to adjust gaps using a hydraulic cylinder.
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